Saturday, September 03, 2016

"A Video to My Future Kids", by Connor Franta: let's ponder space-time and wonder if future people really exist

OK, here’s a short film by Connor Franta (there are many), “A Video to My Future Kids”.

We can get into a cosmological, philosophical debate about how you can be responsible to people who don’t even exist yet.

But he makes the case for gay marriage (a future husband) and gay parents. He also pitches the film “Gayby Baby” which is on iTunes.

The video was perhaps shot in his home state of Wisconsin (or maybe next door in Minnesota).
Note he has trademarked his initials “CF” with a trade dress.

Maybe, Connor, Reid Ewing and Gabe the Babe could make a film together – with Reid’s dogs and the cat PsychoMikan.  I know from my own experience (back in 1979 when a cat adopted me) that animals (at least cats) really know who we are, even if they spend their days outdoors hunting and come back home when they feel like it to boss us around.   Pick a location – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, California.

By the way, some other industry gossip – North Carolina no longer gives tax breaks to film companies, so filming in Wilmington (right now under a tropical storm) has stopped.  What happened to those Republicans?  McCrory is so preoccupied with bathrooms that he seems to have driven companies away.

The other rumor is that Richard Harmon (“Judas Kiss”, “The 100”), “The Greatest of All Time”, wants to pitch for the San Francisco Giants.  Can he really get major league batters (like Bryce Harper) out?  Don’t underestimate him.  That Nats could face the Giants yet again in the playoffs.

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