Friday, August 26, 2016

Visit to Cumberland Gap recalls Disney "Frontierland" movies

I can remember the weekly “Wonderful World of Walt Disney”, back in my boyhood, as well as the opening of Disneyland, first in California (I would visit it the day before a job interview when getting out of the Army in 1969).

The four lands were “Fantasyland” “Adventureland”, “Tomorrowland” and “Frontierland”.  And an early “Frontierland film” would be “Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier”  (bio) with Fess Parker, directed by Normal Foster (1955).  It would be followed in 1956 by “Davy Crockett and the River Pirates” (1956).

Another favorite was “The Great Locomotive Chase” (1956)  set in the Civil War, again with Fess Parker by Francis D. Lyon.

Skip 11 years and see Roddy McDowall in James Nielson’s “The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin” about an opportunistic young man in the California gold rush.

All these movies came to mind at the Cumberland Gap Visitor’s Center where they showed “Daniel Boone and the Westward Movement”, for which I bought the DVD and will review soon on my Wordpress blog.

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