Friday, July 15, 2016

Richard Harmon is in short "Portal vs. Pokemon vs. Stargate"

Richard Harmon (Danny in “Judas Kiss”) stars in a Pokemon short film, “Portal vs. Pokemon vs. Stargate: Wheel of Memes 01” (5 minutes), with a “29-year-old” named Alex.  It gets a little intimate and brings back the charisma of a Danny-like character.

I’ll let the action with the Pokemon characters speak for itself.  Richard Harmon ("just a big ball of sunshine") is still “the greatest of all time” (as per Timo). 

This short also accompanies a trailer for  a fan film, “PokemonApocalypse”. 
I must admit, I haven’t download Pokemon yet or tried to play it.  Chess would keep me busy enough. 

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