Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democratic Convention airs James Cameron's "Not Reality TV" about climate change; why is the video "unlisted"?

The Democratic National Convention aired a 6 minute short film by James Cameron (“Titanic”) Tuesday caround 7:30 PM, “?”.  The title obviously takes aim at Donald Trump’s climate Change denial and plans to tear up agreements.

The film says that much of what is happening now has not happened before., in terms of the scale of major disasters, most of all the western wildfires, as well as Hurricane Sandy.

One point that could be added is that clean energy is also distributed locally, and could be more secure from terror or natural events like solar storms.

Curiously, YouTube says “This film is unlisted, be considerate and think twice before sharing”.  That’s pretty hard to understand, as I found it readily Tuesday night, and obviously the DNC wants everyone to see it as part of the political campaign.  That’s probably a “mistake”.  Despite the advisory, the film provides embed code.   I have seen this advisory before on a particular personal website where, out of context, a particular youth video could have seemed inappropriate.  That’s obviously not the case with something aired in public at the Democratic National Convention.
The short could well fit into the Angelika Theaters  (DC area, Dallas, other locations) film chain’s pre-show.  Angelika should consider getting the film from the DNC “legally”.

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