Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Under the Sun": meta-film based on North Korean propaganda about its wonderful family life, a big sell-out at festivals in the US

I found the film “Under the Sun” already sold out when I tried to buy tickets for AFI-Docs , so I will have to wait for a theatrical release, DVD, or streaming on Amazon or Netflix (for my Wordpress blog, which I’ve explained before).

But CNN has a story by Brian Todd and Dougal McDonald on the original attempt to make an “invitation film” with director Vitaly Mansky of “family life” inside North Korea, focusing on the life and growth of a particular eight-year-old girl, Zin-Mi.  The CNN excerpt video shows child and adult actors being prodded to act with “joy”.  The trailer follows,

Note the slogan, “We do not envy”.  Like, “thou shalt not covet”.

The finished film for the US will be a “meta-film” about the attempt to make a propaganda film for North Korea.

Hollywood Reporter has a review here, and Variety here.

Wikipedia attribution link for Juche Tower picture by Martyn Williams under CCSA 2.5

3 comments: said...

It seems to me that this motion picture will produce a real sensation among the fans of this genre. What a pity that we could not go to the premiere. writing service

Bill Boushka said...

I will see it as soon as it is available on video or DVD or has a theatrical release.

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