Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vox produces animated short explaining authoritarianism

In this era where I am moving my new reviews of larger media projects to another platform, I still find some small little films to mention here.

Vox Media has an animated “short”, “Donald Trump and the Rise of American Authoritarianism”.

There is a byline, “the political science that predicted Trump’s rise”.

People who support leaders like Trump place a great emphasis on security, social order, and obedience of subordinates and children, somewhat for its own sake.  Personal creativity and expression and initiative take a back seat to stability and predictability.  Authoritarianism tends to castigate “expressive” people whom it sees as freeloading on the sacrifices of others.

 Authoritarianism expects everyone to “join” and to “belong’.  Remember the call "I need some volunteers" in Army Basic.

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