Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ameer's "Straight Men and the Gay Men Who Love Them 3", collection lives on the edge

Straight Men and the Gay Men Who Love Them 3” (2014) is the third so-named collection of short gay films produced by Jorge Ameer (and Hollywood Independents),  The first of these collections seems to be no longer available. The DVD cover describes it as “an international compilation of gay shorts.”

The first film, “Quarters” (2013, 16 min), is directed by Ameer himself.  Paul (Tom Drexel) and Jeremy (Robert Brinkley) spend Paul’s last night as a bachelor together in an apartment on the French Cote d’Azur. Paul will marry a woman.  They play “quarters” as if it were strip poker. Jerry (thinner, smooth-chested) has dated girls too but comes out.  The rest is Paul’s one last chance for gay intimacy, however non-ritualistic.

The filmmaking is not Ameer’s best, but the director is known for edgy gay subjects, especially gay men living double lives.

The largest film is “From Here to There” (2012, 29 min) by Yee Lam Wong, set in Hong Kong (without Edward Snowden). Two past friends (Wing Him Chan and Jae Lenug) meet at a wedding banquet.  One of the young men gets drunk so the other drives him home, through impressive scenery.  The two men remember their past “relationship” at a Baptist academy (sort of a road setting like my short story “Expedition”, next-to-last in my “Do Ask, Do Tell III” book).

In “Boygame” (2013, 15 min, Sweden), by Anna Nolskog, two 15-year olds talk about getting girls but practice on each other.  I trust that the real-life actors (Charlie Gustafsson and Joakin Lang) were over 18 at the time of filming,

Rubber Duckie” (2012), by Henry Alberto, presents two young men (one gay, one straight, apparently), living together in a dilapidated industrial warehouse in a post-apocalyptic world.  Apparently there is enough battery power around for video games and not much else.  Filmed in Lancaster, CA. Starring Max Hambleton and Adam Vaughn.

Early One Summer” (2009, 10 minutes, UK), by Gary Thomas is the shortest of the set but the most disturbing. Dave (Charlie Ross), is invited to go on a camping trip by his physical education teacher (Graeme Dalling),  The teacher says he is not married, but we see fights before and after the trip between Graeme and his wife (Janet Greaves) over his interest in much younger men.

The DVD has a 31-minute director interview, much of it dealing with this last film. Thomas says the boy is of college age, and that older men are often not very aware age distances in relationships until others force them to deal with it.

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