Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Ukraine Is Not a Brothel": documentary about the perception of the country as a sex trade destination

Ukraine Is Not a Brothel: The Femen Story” (2013), by Kitty Green (with assistance from Jane Campion), examines the reputation of Ukraine, post-Soviet, as a place for (heterosexual) sex tourism.  The documentary was shot, however, before Putin’s incursions into Ukraine.

The women have formed an organization called Femen, but the crime syndicates, with underhand government help, try to suppress them by breaking up their nudist public protests in Kiev and other cities, so that the country can earn revenue from the “business”.   Women to jail or are put on probation on terms they not attend protests.

There is a saying, “a prostitute is a feminist”. There is a male pimp who claims he is trying to challenge a patriarchal system by behaving as a patriarch.

One of the women relates a harrowing tale of being kidnapped into Russia, having oil poured on her body and being threatened with fire before beings set free to find her way back to the border in the cold.

With Inna and Sasha Shevchenko and Anna Hutsol.

The official site is here (Cenephil, Red Band).

Remember, “real men don’t buy girls” (Ashton Kutcher).

Wikipedia attribution link for picture by Evgeny Feldman of pro-EU demonstration in Kiev  CCSA 3.0

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