Thursday, April 14, 2016

"The Krays: The Myth Behind the Legend" documents the grim history of the British crime twins

The documentary “The Krays: The Myth Behind the Legend” is a one hour documentary on Netflix Instant Play (April 2016), directed by Chris Matthews, written by Bernard O’Mahoney and narrated by Martin Kemp (see review of Universal's feature “Legend” March 31).

The documentary seems to be a condensation of the longer “The Krays: Kill Order” (as listed on imdb and Amazon) by the same people.

The documentary presents a grim picture of the brothers  with a history dating back to mandatory “national service” in the 50s.  Ronnie, eventually committed to an institution for the “criminally insane” (a popular term in Britain in the past) is depicted as an occasional “psychopathic homosexual”, which fit the stereotypes of the times.   The film describes law enforcement culture of the times, which the brothers could exploit by making bodies disappear, Their history makes one wonder about the appearance of brothers as terrorists today (even the Tsarnaev brothers).
There is some attention to the murder of Reggie’s wife Frances Shea (when she was pregnant), as to who did it, and to her bulimia.

The official site seems to be here.   (Revelation and Metrodome Films).

There was also 1990 docudrama film “The Krays” by Peter Medak with Gray and Martin Kemp as the brothers (J. Arthur Rank, which had been a major British film company back in the 50s).  There is also a new drama “The Fall of the Krays” (in the UK now) by Zack Adler. It’s amazing how popular the Krays have become as a film subject matter.


Unknown said...

In the Netflix version of this documentary I have a question. During the credits of this version there is a song playing, does anybody have an idea what that song is called?

Unknown said...

"Emily Waits"

Unknown said...

Had exactly the same question after watching this film on Netflix.
Great blues tune. Really like the instrumental version, but the lyric on the other version is equally good. I'm always impressed by the Hammond/Leslie organ sound. Sax is right there also.
Thanks very much for the link.

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