Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Dream On": film directly based on Welsh play about gay teens

Dream On” (2013) is based directly on the play of the same name by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan.  At a summer camp in Wales, two ambitious teens, Paul (Bradley Cross) and George (Joe Gosling) meet and fall in love.  George has dreams to go to Australia and start a disco (despite the fact he is way to young).  Paul is a little steadier, with a retail job as well as school, and a dominating mom Denise (Janet Bamford).

The boys make an agreement to meet the next year.  When George doesn’t show, Paul tracks him down in London, and the relationship resumes and grows, to the horror of Mom, who now has heard about AIDS. George, however, will have a different fatal medical problem, leading to alcohol poisoning.
The dialogue is sometimes hard to understand, but the film picks up steam as the relationship grows.
 The camera is always a bit restrained (sometimes using sepia tones).  Sometimes scenes dissolve into drawn stills. There’s a whimsical scene early where George unbuttons Paul and asks, “Does Mommy dress you?”

IMDB says that the film is shot 1.33:1, but in fact the DVD gives us a film in 2.35:1.  The DVD has an excerpt of two scenes directly from the stage play, with the same cast.
The official site is here.  The DVD is available from Netflix.

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA picture of Wales from Space Station. 

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