Tuesday, March 08, 2016

"Sand and Sorrow" is a graphic documentary about Darfur, with George Clooney narrating

Sand and Sorrow” (2007, directed by Paul Freedman) is a compelling HBO documentary about the history of Darfur, with emphasis on the treatment of the non-Arab tribes by the pro-Muslim Sudan government. George Clooney narrates.

The film focuses heavily on the attitude of the Bush administration.  A good history of the area since South Sudan became independent in 2011 is at this website. http://savedarfur.org/the-conflict/south-sudan/   Bush was quite careful in treating his relationship with Sudan, believing that intelligence from the area was critical to the long term response to 9/11.

The film is quite critical of the establishment press for not covering the dire situation of the tribes people as well as it could, not regarding the people as “mattering” as much as some other interests.

The film shows the refugee camps, massive rows of tents in the desert, with starvation.  It also describes the way the government of Sudan uses rape as an “essentialist” weapon, taking further advantage of local practices of genital mutilation.

Wikipedia attribution link for USAID photo of Darfur camps.

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