Friday, February 26, 2016

"Battle for Skyark": Another sci-fi story about when the privileged few build themselves an escaped "ark"

Battle for Skyark” (2016), directed by Simon Hung and written with Guy Malim, is another Earth “evacuation” sci-fi story.

But this time, the chosen survivors are living in a space city or “Noah’s ark” hovering above Earth, in a fascist culture. The official explanation is that the Earth was overrun with alien, mutant-looking monsters.

The kids of the “rebels” get sent back to deal with surviving among the monsters.  In this sense, the setup reminds one of a combo of “The 100” (without Richard Harmon) with “Lord of the Flies”.  The rebel lead’s son, Rags (Caon Mortensen) plays ring leader.  The kids descend in crude vessels, and their forearms are machine-disfigured with brazen blood tattoos that would prevent the later appearance of manly hair.
In time, Rags discovers the explanation of the aliens, which is rather transparent but gives new inspiration.

The movie doesn’t show a whole lot of life on the aerial city, or what it’s “world” looks like to live in.  A “rama” it is not.

A possible comparison could be made to “Dark City” (2002).

The official Facebook page is here. The DVD can be rented from Netflix.

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