Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Results": stylistic romantic comedy about the fitness world in Texas

Results” (directed and written by Andrew Bujalski) is a genre romantic comedy, with some silly characters and dialogue, centered around the personal fitness business in Texas.   But some people with too much money really are that silly.  And the film did relatively well at Sundance and SXSW in 2015.

Danny (Kevin Corrigan) is an ungainly rich man looking for some superficial self-improvement. He really hasn't figured out what to do with his money, which he doesn't seemed to have earned by his own labor.  He walks into a fitness club in Austin, TX.  He winds up in a strange romantic battle with the club’s owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) and the top trainer Kat (Cobie Smulders), with their lives uncoiling around one another.

The early scenes make a lot of the pretense of discipline imposed on customers.  There’s a military-style pushup class going on when Danny walks in. Soon, Kat is asking Danny to email her selfies showing her everything he puts in his fat little body. It’s that intrusive.

There is a conversation where Kat asks how Danny got rich.  “Did you invent a website or something like that?   On, your wife did.”  Another little oddity is that this fictitious health spa in Austin takes cash and PayPal but apparently not credit cards. I've actually seen a couple non-profits do that.
The film does a little road trip to west Texas toward the end.  I thought about the 80s dramedy “Waltz Across Texas”.

The characters tend to hide their past divorces and offspring.

The official site is here (Magnolia Pictures).

The DVD has a short “Getting Results with Shecky and Raymond”, with a most centralizing feline.  The interviews are quite lengthy.

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