Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Augustine: Killer Toy Robots": a cabin belonging the deceased has an "estate" that comes very much alive

David Ury (“@isThisDavidUry” on Twitter) has released a comedy horror short called “Augustine: Killer Toy Robots”.  That is, it seems that the 8-minute film has two titles!

The film features villainous little robots, gnawing at people, including a lesbian couple, one of whom is a competitor for the love of a handsome visitor played by Reid Ewing.  Tahmus Rounds and Ury himself also appear.  The robots were the estate of a deceased toy manufacturer, whose legacy is very much alive.  There’s a taste of “Cabin in the Woods” here.

Ury explains making the film (technically quite challenging), co-directed with David Neptune, here.

The film is on YouTube now, and I would say it’s a PG-13 (or very soft R).

The film reminds me a bit of a claymation short (I forget the name) that I saw in 2003 at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis at an IFPMSP micro-festival. The imagery also reminds me of Jack Andraka (the teen medical researcher now a freshman at Stanford) who has become a cartoon character of sorts, inside Matt Damon's Martian space suit as "Nano Man".  Jack wants to cure all cancer with nano-bots, or little nano-people (remember the UPN series "Jake 2.0" with Christopher Gorham).

Picture: From train show in Timonium, MD;  a toy train goes into a tunnel that gives it a wormhole into the world of the show “Wicked”.

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