Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Unearthed" and "Change of Heart" (two engaging short films)

Here are three more "random" short films of some interest to me. '

Unearthed” by Lindsay Harris and Stuart Leach, from Dalang Films, presents two explorers in a cave on a planet with fossil fuels.  One of them is injured, but the other goes looking for what lies beneath.  There is a certain reference to the “Alien” movies, and a bizarre twist at the end when you look at the spacemen.  They really don’t want to go back home for good reason.

The photography, nearly black and white, uses stop-motion animation for the desert backgrounds.

Change of Heart” by Jonathan Abdillah with Sammy Alouba.  A young Muslim man, formerly a swinging single, now has to confront his expectations of his wife, as someone who was supposed to be perfect and someone to look up to.  This is a little drama about heterosexual “upward affiliation” as much as it is about Muslim ideas about marriage. Filmed in Toronto around the "Markaz Cafe". The film is part of a "Journey of Faith" series. There was nothing specifically Islamic about the film other than the burqa or shawl; this could almost have worked as a Christian or Jewish film. 
Summer ‘78”  (JC Reifenberg) is a little 3-minute short recalling the world of Star Wars in toys, in California. The Summer of 1978 was very eventful for me (a lot more so than the “Summer of 42”).
Picture: Jersey Pine Barrens, as in "The Last Broadcast" (1998), my visit. 

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