Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Natural Selection": what happens to a woman who takes sexual fundamentalism seriously

Robbie Pickering’s dramedy “Natural Selection” seems to play up a moral belief in some fundamentalist circles: that it is wrong to experience sexuality for any purpose other than procreation in marriage.

Abe (John Diehl) has donated sperm to a bank for years (secretly) because his wife Linda (Rachel Harris) seems unable to give him children. One day he has a stroke during a donation session and it may be fatal. His wife Linda (Rachel Harris) finds out about the 23-year-old son he had this way and travels (from East Texas) to Florida to meet the son Raymond (Matt O’Leary) and bring him back to Texas before Abe dies.

Raymond is hardly a model citizen, as he has broken out of jail and is on the lam. A wild road trip follows, and Linda goes over the top in her own behavior, at last. I could say it's predictable. But she acts a bit like Joyce Mitchell.  

The official blog for the film is here  (Cinema Guild).
The DVD includes cast interviews.


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