Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More films from DC Shorts ("Work Mate")

Three more films from the 2015 DC Shorts, which I watched online ($15 on site, $30 at home):

Work Mate” (2014, Genevieve Clay-Smith, USA, 19 min, Showcase 4), presents an introverted “individual contributor” (Brendan Donoghue) in the workplace suddenly sharing his workspace with a somewhat ungamely-looking man (Benjamin Phillips) with a vision impairment.  Amazingly, the new cubicle-mate draws him out of himself and gets him to go cycling, even on a bicycle built for two. At least, there’s no racing, no peaking or shaving.

And relax. the two men only work together.  I've heard that one before in my own workplace. 

Barrio Boy” (2014, Dennis Diners, 8 minutes, USA, Showcase 14) gives us a barber shop in Brooklyn (don’t know if it’s Bed-Stuy), and a Latino barber, who falls “into infatuation” with a blond hunk who gets a haircut. The barber’s fantasies are told in mockumentary style, but never realized. When you consider that leather bars frequently have barber chairs, the film falls a bit short.
Election Night” (2015, Tessa Blake,  12 minutes, based on a story by Ian Williams, Showcase 6) gives us the wake of a politician’s family on election night.  He’s not exactly intending a “Yes We Can” speech, and is rattled to learn that his daughter is gay, and quite flat-footed on justifying his views of marriage.

Two more films from earlier festivals: 

A Land Called Paradise” (2008, Lena Kahn, 4 min) presents a song with the replied of over 2000 Muslims as answers to the question, “What do you wish you could say to the rest of the world?”  Justin Timberlake gets mentioned. Charity for the less fortunate is hit very hard. So are their own losses of family in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, and even losses for American Muslims on 9/11. Islam has a very specific theology of Paradise, which opens at the end of time.  

Food Porn” (2012, Charles Grantham, 3 min) presents a straight couple and a banana. Use your imagination. 

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