Friday, August 28, 2015

"Eat with Me": gentle gay ethnic comedy

Eat with Me” (2014) is a gentle little ethnic gay comedy from David Au. It starts with an upper middle-aged Chinese couple in Los Angeles, Emma (Sharon Omi) ad Ray (Ken Narasaki) in bed, not intimate. Ray suddenly gets up and cuts off his wedding ring because it gives him a “headache”.
Emma fleas and moves in with her younger gay (and biracial) son Elliot (Teddy Chen Culver), who runs the family restaurant and apparent had bought it but is having trouble making the business make it financially. 

But then the movie begins moving in parallel, as both Elliot and Emma expand their own social lives. Emma befriends a neighbor. Elliot meets a couple men, especially the Brit Ian (Adam Bristow), whom he starts seriously dating. There’s one scene where Ian asks how long Elliot has ever sustained a dating “relationship.”  I could lose the cigarette smoking, but Ian is made attractive, and dressed appropriately (with a buttoned shirt) for the inevitable gradual intimate encounter.
The official site is here. The film can be rented on Netflix instant play.

Picture: I-405 at night, from Angelino, my trip, 2012. 


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