Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Trainwreck": Amy Schumer drives a non-stop farce about improbable love and committment

Trainwreck”, directed by Judd Apatow (“Bridesmaids”;  “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”), is an “unlikely couple’s” romantic comedy, structurally like “Wingman, Inc.” (July 21), but on a much grander scale. It’s non-stop chatter from Comedy Central’s Amy Schumer, who wrote the script and stars as the overbearing girl whose dad had made her cynical about love and monogamy.

She’s a “real” writer (Amy) for a NYC gossip magazine and is assigned a story by her uncompromising boss (Tilda Swinton) about sports doctor Aaron Conner (Bill Hader).  After some silly one night stands with gross language (one number is totally hairless even in the crotch) she finds herself actually drawn into a relationship.

The movie (long for a comedy at 124 minutes) takes some side trips that are indeed curious.  There’s a lot about pro basketball, as Aaron has to do a knee operation on a pro player (LeBron James plays himself). She throws up in the scrub room seeing the knee opened up.  It doesn’t seem as if the hospital practices too much infection control.

Aaron also sometimes works with Doctors Without Borders (remember the 2003 film “Beyond Borders”). When Amy gets a cell phone call from her boss in the middle of his speech, she has to run out, threatening the relationship.

The double-edged relationship with her dad (shared by sister Vanessa Bayer) gets noted at her dad’s graveside ceremony (short of a memorial funeral, after his spell in assisted living).

Daniel Radcliffe appears in a fictitious black and white film “The Dogwalker” (which has been the name of a real film in 2002, reviewed Sept. 19, 2006). 

Even as she draws closer to a possible actual marriage to Aaron (who constantly says he loves her), she has an encounter with 16-year old intern Donald (Ezra Miller, actually 22, but made to look 16).  

The film was released with Universal’s own brand (rather than Focus Features, and with an R rating).  The official site is here
I saw the film at Angelika Mosaic in Fairfax VA before a very full weeknight audience (Wednesday July 22), which laughed constantly.

Update: Later July 23

There was a serious gunfire incident at a showing of this film in Lafayette LA, at a major multiplex, at around 7:30 PM CDT Thursday July 23, 2014.  At least three, including the gunman, are dead. At least seven others are injured. The shooter seems to have been an older white man, and this event sounds unlikely to be related to international terrorism, but more likely "mental illness" or other domestic extremism. NBC News has a rapidly changing account here

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