Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Silent Thief": a mysterious guest breaks open some family secrets and unforgiven homophobia

The Silent Thief” (2012), by Jennifer Clary, is a curious thriller, set in Malibu, where radical hospitality goes wrong.

Before Cody (Mile Henderson) goes away to college, his parents invite an apparent British orphan of the same age, Brennan Marley (Tobey Hemingway) to live with the family, to help out with income.
Cody meets him, and feels suspicious before going away.  Brennan seems to have some issues and behave like a mooch.  His problems begin to surface when one of Cody’s weightlifting buddies Alex (Josh Pence) makes a sexual advance on him.

Then, we see Cody watching a video he shot of his past crimes, where he apparently had victimized Doug Edwards (Reid Ewing), shown as an attractive “hippy” in silent black-and-white cameos. 

Brennan eventually tries to take advantage of Cody’s being in the closet, and to arrange a gradual drowning of Alex.

Perhaps the film makes a remote comparison to “The Dark Place” (Dec. 2, 2014). There’s a touch of Hitchcock, too, maybe “Rebecca”.

I’m not sure I buy the ritualistic and watery ending.
The film (Jensev and HBO) can be rented HD on Amazon for $4.99, and $3.99 on YouTube, couldn’t find it on Netflix. 

Picture: Beach near San Clemente, my picture, 2012.  

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