Thursday, July 02, 2015

"Snap: Enter the Dangerous Mind": a popular electronic dance composer goes ballistic while mentally ill

Enter the Dangerous Mind” (2013), originally called “Snap”, by Youssef Delara and Victor Teran, attracted my attention at first because it ostensibly appears to be about a music composer losing his sanity and going down.  That has happened.  The musician is Jim (Jake Hoffman), and he seems pestered by a related companion Jake (Thomas Dekker).  For a while, we’re not even sure that Jake is real, or just a “voice” or phantom of schizophrenia.
Jim’s music genre is EDM, or “electronic dance music”, which is largely percussive, popular in some kinds of discos. He seems to have some online following.  He has volunteered at a woman’s shelter where he meets a social worker Wendy (Nikki Reed).

For straight men, dating puts them under a lot of pressure to make a move and perform, it seems.  Jim, who is quite attractive physically, is humiliated when he experiences premature ejaculation with Nikki. (The same thing happens to “Ephram” (Gregory Smith) in an infamous episode of “Everwood”). 
After this, his own demons are released, apparently related to a horrible episode of abuse in the past.  He embarks on a crazy plan to avenge his own humiliation with catastrophic results.
There is an early scene where police come to his apartment over a noise complaint over loud music.  They even find his air pistol.  Garden apartments do tend to transmit noise a lot.  Twice that happened to me in Dallas, once when playing Schoenberg’s Verlkaerte Nacht, the other the Schubert Great. 
Official Facebook site is here Cima, and Variance Films).
I saw the film on Netflix Instant Play, but it can be rented on YouTube or Amazon for $3.99.

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