Friday, July 10, 2015

"Shrek 4-D": a solitary "man" is drawn into action to protect others

The Universal animated demonstration short film “Shrek 4-D” or Shrek and the Fiery Dragon” is pretty effective, and offers some experiments along the way.

The audience is herded into a pre-show, where a “pre-story” is presented on two screens: a mirror (vertical), and conventional image to the right, with three thumbnails between.  Shrek is the lovable ogre, living by himself, who psychologists would say has a “schizoid personality”.  He would be challenged to see if he could help real forest people, driven toward his radical hospitality by Lord Farquaad.  When a princess is abducted, Shrek gets more involved with other peoples’ lives than he ever expected.  The pre-show presents a ghost villain on the right.

The main wide screen film shows how Eventually Shrek summons a fiery dragon to save everyone, riding Jurassic-back. The “4-D” comes from motion of the seats, and a little mist spray.

I guess Shrek plays the Dragon Sicilian Defense in chess games and wins with it (even against the Yugoslav Attack). 
The 4-D idea seems rather silly, but has been tried also at the Newseum in Washington and National Aquarium in Baltimore.  In 1974, the disaster flick “Earthquake”, by Mark Robson, from Universal, had introduced “Sensurround” with rustling chairs.

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