Sunday, July 05, 2015

"Infinitely Polar Bear": maybe politically correct, but rather silly comedy

Infinitely Polar Bear” presents Mark Ruffalo in a self-effacing role this time, as a blundering father almost hiding behind his bipolar disorder or manic-depressive. His first name, “Cam”, is only coincidental with the much more successful Modern Family character. 
Nevertheless, he convinced Maggie (Zoe Saldana) to marry him and have two quite gifted girls.  (One of them asks Maggie in one scene if she’s “black”.)  When Mark gets hospitalized, Maggie decides to go (from Cambridge, MA) down to New York to get an MBA so she can get a better job.  In the meantime, Cam is expected to prove he is good for something by taking care of the kids.  Men are messy, right?
When she returns, she finds employers in Boston not too eager to hire her because she has kids.  So much for work-family balance (and the paid family leave debate).
The official site is here. Sony Pictures Classics). It’s odd to see this film produced by Bad Robot.
There was a fair July 4 crowd at Angelika Mosaic in Faifax, and it related to the emotional tone of the relationships in this family more than I did. 

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