Wednesday, July 08, 2015

"Everyday": British docudrama shows a family holding together with dad in prison

The British docudrama “Everyday” (2012), directed by Michael Winterbottom, depicts the closed-knit family life of a man imprisoned for smuggling drugs. 
The movie was show as “reality” of five years, a few weeks at a time (somewhat in the technical style of “Boyhood” or “56”). 
The closeness of Ian (John Simm) to his four children is quite touching, during visitations at the jail.  In the meantime his wife Karen (Shirley Henderson) raises the kids and remains loyal, “for richer or for poorer”, etc.   One of the kids is taunted at school because of dad.  I am not wired to live this way.
Toward the end, Ian gets to visit his home, and barely misses disaster over another allegation. Perhaps the film makes a case for a libertarian policy on drugs.
The music score by Michael Hyman repeats a placid major-key melody repeatedly.
The film may be rented from IFC  (or Sundance Selects) on YouTube or viewed on  Netflix. Channel 4 Television in the UK was a production company.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo from Devon by Dennis Redfield, under Creative Commons 2.0 License. 

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