Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Epcot travel films in "Cinerama"

The Walt Disney Epcot World Showcase offers at least two travel films in super wide screen.
One of these is “O Canada”, in Circle-Vision.  The film goes back and forth across the country, and doesn’t stay in one order.  The Bay of Fundy and Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick are shown; visited it myself in 1978. The Canadian Rockies are of course spectacular;  I visited the area and took the ski lift at Banff (to about 7500 feet) in September 1983, when there were already snow flurries at Lake Louise.

The gardens of Victoria are shown, as are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, and Calgary (including the rodeo).

I think I had seen this before in a June 1983 visit.  It’s still the same.

The other big travel film is “Impressions de France”, which is effectively in Cinerama.  Again, I think I had seen this in 1983, too  There is an odd scene where Mont Blanc (the highest point in Europe) is shown with Debussy’s “La Mer” in the background. There is a lot of music from Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals, as well as the conclusion of the Organ Symphony.

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