Friday, June 05, 2015

"Entourage the Movie": Is this how Hollywood really works with a screenplay like "mine"?

Entourage the Movie” (written and directed by Doug Ellin) is a riot to watch as a macho buddy situation comedy, and it continues the storyline of the HBO series (TV blog, Sept. 15, 2010).
Charismatic star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) wants to debut as a director with a horror thriller “Give It Up”, in which Vince morphs into a monster with CGI.  Actually, Vince, lean and agile, looks more like 25 than 38, and is a feast for the eyes.  Gay issues appear as subplots in the movie, as two other characters have a gay wedding as the movie’s epilogue.
Vince’s buddies are Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Johnny Ferrara) and Johnny (Kevin Dillon),  Vince’s brother; and the hardball producer is Ari (Jeremy Piven).
Much of the plot concerns a supposed special screening. It is mysteriously stopped when the “projector breaks” and DVD’s are given out instead.  There’s a lot of talk about how the industry works, with agents, investors, and table readings. The attendees at the party have signed a confidentiality agreement.  Does that mean that if I got invited to such a screening, I'd be violating the agreement if I wrote a review of the movie on this blog?  That brings up the "spoiler" issue that isn't discussed as a legal issue much.

The producers don’t like Vince as the lead star morphing into a monster because he looks too trim and too gay.  His older brother is earthier and more suitable. At the end, there is a Golden Globes award ceremony, and their hunch pays off. 
The characters all move and talk fast, and tend to bully one another.  They live in their own world, with little idea of  what “real people” face. 
A lot of Hollywood personalities, like Armie Hammer (the “Winklevii” from “The Social Network”) and Marky Mark Wahlberg (a producer) make cameos as themselves.  Ronda Rousey has a bigger part as herself, as superwoman, able to out wrestle most men.  There’s a disco scene that reminds me of a similar scene in “Strange Days” (1995).  Some sources claim that Tobey Maguire (who will play Bobby Fischer soon in "Pawn Sacrifice") is the real-life Vince (Fox). 
I “admit” that the film is interesting to me because it tinkers with how deals get done to get films made.
The official site is here  (Warner Brothers and HBO).
I saw t he film in the afternoon at Angelika Mosaic in Fairfax VA, before a small audience which liked the film.

Picture: Palm Springs, mine, 2012. 

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