Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Dylan" and "Triple Standard": two LGBT short films (it's Capital Pride weekend)

Here are two short films for today, Capital Pride Sunday in Washington DC.

I got an email promoting a short film “Dylan” (8 min) directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh), film link here
The film is a selfie monologue by Dylan Winn Garner, shot on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY, where Dylan explains his transition from woman to man.  He even notes with some pride masculinization, like the growth of some body hair.  He talks about the gradual process of getting is family to accept the real new person.  He also has a love life with another transgender person, and uses both pronouns.  I guess I am so into upward affiliation that I would do neither.
Of course, there's a good question: can you make a "real film" by having someone talk into the camera and tell his or her story (not mockumentary).  I have to do that myself.  There was a feature film in 2002 "Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary" (Andrew Heller and Othmer Schiderer) where Traudl Junge simply talked for 95 minutes.  Even the two-person drama "My Dinner with Andre" (1981, Louis Malle) uses this technique. 
I remember the boardwalk area of Coney Island and even the Seaside Courts, where paddleball used to be played.  I don’t know if it is still there

The second film today is “Triple Standard” (18 min), by William Braden Brinn.  An ex-basketball star Crim (William Jennngs) tries to maintain the public face of having girlfriends and being straight (or at least bi) to keep getting endorsements.  His lover “D.” (Lee Amer-Cohen) of three years confronts him, saying he won’t have a double life any longer.  The plot line parallels two characters in the NBC soap “Days of our Lives”, namely Paul, a major league baseball pitcher (fictitious) whose career ended with an injury, and Sonny, his first gay lover, when now there is  love triangle with Will. Paul had tried to remain straight publicly while dating Sony and pitching in the big leagues, even tossing an imaginary no-hitter.  

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