Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Dead Man's Luck" aka "The Ante": a spoof of Coen Brothers' work (like "Blood Simple")

Some crime thrillers are meant to entertain with only clever plot manipulations and situations. Such is the case of the French Canadian (in English thriller  “Dead Man’s Luck” (2006) by Max Perrier. The film is also known as “The Ante”.  The obvious recollection is the Coen Brother’s “Blood Simple” but not all comic thrillers happen in Texas.  Quebec can get in on the act, too.
Chain-smoking Sam (Paul Burke) takes a wrong turn in the country, and winds up asking directions from a farm wife ({aula Davis) with a nefarious scheme.  She wounds him, and in the ensuing scramble seems to have murdered her husband and set him up to be framed.  He kidnaps her, putting her in the trunk, but soon releases her.  When his “despicable me” wife (Anastasia Bondarenko) finds out, she wants to set him up, in a complicated scheme to wind up with a portion of the life insurance money.  This is clearly a good example of what the industry means by “anti-selection”.
So, Sam has to commit more crimes to free himself.  Indeed, the three principal characters are in a triangular war, and only Sam will be left standing for the police to find.  
Getting framed for a crime is, of course, an existential threat to one’s life and legacy. We can be unlucky.

There is some nice scenery of the Laurentian Mountains, which I last visited in 1993.
The film is available on Netflix instant play until July 15 (Panorama Films).
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Cephas near Cartier Mountain. under Wikipedia Commons 3.0 Share Alike license.  

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