Monday, May 18, 2015

"The Conspiracy": two brothers follow a global conspiracy into its initiation rites

The Conspiracy” (2012, 84 minutes), directed and written by Christopher MacBride is another road (essentially) thriller winding up with a tantalizing ritual (but so does “Bugcrush”).  It also takes an overview of conspiracy theories, with news footage of both 9/11 and the JFK assassination.
Aaron and Jim (Aaron Poole and James Gilbert), brothers in their late 20s, work together as documentary filmmakers in Toronto.  Jim, a little more laid back, is married with a family.
A blogger sends them a link about an aging conspiracy theorist Terrance G. (Alan Peterson).  They want to make a film about him, but shortly after they meet him, the codger disappears.  Aaron, the more articulate and aggressive, tracks down some charts other materials left in the old man’s apartment concerning (as Aaron later finds from another single source) a “Tarsus Club”, and Jim agrees with him to proceed.  They put all they know up on the Web and see what Google will bring them. (They probably don’t follow all the detailed advice of “Blogtyrant”.)  Aaron’s apartment gets burglarized, and Aaron moves back in with his brother’s family, even though they both suspect he was targeted, although the police think it was just random.
The writer who had identified the Tarsus Club contacts them, and says he will help them only if they take down all they have put up from the Internet. (I’ve been asked to take down very specific materials about a few people over 15 years, but only in rare circumstances.)  The club, of world leaders, believes in a legendary pre-Christian diety, Mithras. The custom of the handshake is said to have originated with the secret society.  What follows is an engaging treasure hunt, as the brothers are eventually led to an initiation ceremony in a large rural estate. 
The progress of the initiation takes about 20 minutes of the film, and is partly outdoors.  The brothers become separated as Aaron is “chosen” and wears the bull mask, although his business suit  stays on.
The film has an epilogue in which we learn that Aaron has disappeared and might have joined Terrane, while Jim continues raisin his family, transformed by the experience, wanting to hunt for truth while needing to have his work make money.
The movie does play the World government card, and rehearses a JFK speech about the shadows.
I would like to see what exactly happens to Aaron, even if it were in a deleted scene on a DVD. (I watched it on Netflix, but I see there is a BluRay DVD.)  I have a similar initiation scene in my novel, and one in my main screenplay, and you really need to know accurately what happens with each character.
The official site is here  The main site comes up “unavailable”.  The production company is Resolute Films; the distributors are XLrator and E-one.


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