Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Iris" is a nice biography of a famous designer, now 93

Iris” is a gentle biography of New York fashion and interior designer Iris Apfel, now 93, and her husband Carl, now 100, directed by Albert Maysles.
Iris usually appears in very intricate fashions, with huge glasses.  Although using a cane and sometimes a wheelchair, she remains as intellectually sharp and wise as ever.
Early in the film, she is interviewed by domestic diva Martha Stewart, in 2006 (after Stewart’s own return from incarceration and home confinement for insider trading (there was a 2005 TV film by Eric Bross. “Martha Behind Bars” with Cybil Shepard).   
She often mentions a business connection with “Old World Seamsters”, a name that reminds me of the novel “Silas Marner”.

Iris makes many comments about taking herself in stride.  She does not covet women who were “pretty” but who “lost it” as they aged.  She insists on making herself as active as possible, not thinking about aches and pains of aging.  Her momentum keeps her going.  But she does mention recovering from a hip fracture.
I saw the film at the Cinema Arts in Fairfax VA in early evening in a small audience.  However, I had expected to see Joe Anderson’s “Pilot Error” (about a little known plane crash);  it had played for only one day and was for a while mistakenly listed as playing today.  I am trying to see if there is a DVD for that film.
The official site is here  (Magnolia). 
The new film “Iris” should not be confused with a 2001 film by that name, by Richard Eyre, about Irish author Iris Murdoch (with Judi Dench).  I remember reading “The Unicorn” many years ago.   


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