Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Unfriended" aka "Cybernatural" tells an entire horror story through Skype

When I saw the film title “Unfriended”, I thought about ideas like jealousy and revenge porn on the Internet.  In fact, I don’t think that Facebook or Twitter actually tell you when you lose a “friend” or “follower”.
The film, from Levan Gabriadze, originally titled “Cybernatural”, has a strange and confining way of visual storytelling.  Most of the time, you see a computer screen with six chatters, connected by Skype.  A lot of the interaction is on Facebook, and some is through Bit Torrent P2P.
The complications come in the way of a chat message from a classmate (“Laura”, Heather Sossaman) who had committed suicide a year ago after being cyberbullied. Soon, another ghostly chatter appears, and with affects (in embedded Skype) inspired by the “Paranormal” films, the kids start coming to grisly ends. 
The character Mitch, played by Moses Storm, resembles Richard Harmon a bit, perhaps intentionally. Adam (Will Peltz) is appealing, too.
The official site is here  The film is a direct Universal release, and the Universal trademark pixilates as it is shown.  The genre definitely belongs to “I am Rogue”.


I saw the film late Tuesday afternoon at the Regal Ballston Common.  Regal shows a lot of previews, which included "Southpaw", with Jake Gyllenhaal as a boxer, whose bod seems ruined now -- not only epilated, but covered with tattoos.  

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