Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"'Curing' Gays: Understanding Conversion Therapy" is a "long short film" documenting the end of "ex-gay repairs" (unfortunately titled)

There is a 2012 28-minute short film, posted on YouTube by Tim Urso, titled “’Curing’ Gays: Understanding Conversion Therapy”. 
The film (in a narrower aspect ratio) covers the whole topic of “reparative therapy”, which a few states have outlawed for minors.  Most recently, Oregon introduced a bill doing so.

One mother describes kicking her son out, due to her religious convictions, and then sobbed that four months later he was gone, to suicide.  A fair part of the film interviewed a young man named Sam and is experiences with the mechanics and after effects of “aversion therapy”.

Many former proponents are mentioned, such as James Dobson (“Focus on the Family” and “Love Won Out”), Joseph Nicolosi, NARTH, and Exodus International. (I have a review of a rather caustic book by Nicolosi on the Books blog, Jan. 21, 2009; but he has been on Dr. Phil before!)
The decision by the American Psychiatric Association to delist homosexuality as a mental illness in 1973 is presented (link).
Brief clips from a number of films are shown, including “Latter Days” (2003, by C. Jay Cox, in which a Mormon young man is subjected to aversion therapy when he is caught (I saw that film at Reel Affirmations a number of years ago.

The link for the film is here.

Below is a little clip about the 1973 APA change.  This did not help me, as my expulsion from thr Colelge of William and Mary as a freshman had happened in November 1961. 

Again, we’re left wondering why, in a democratic society, even in the 50s, mainstream America made private lifestyles their business.  It was more threatening not to have children at all than to have a child out of wedlock or cheat on a marriage.  I have a Wordpress posting on the question here

Had I made this film, I might have titled it differently, as the title, out of context, suggests advocacy. I might have called it "The Sad and Shameful History of Conversion Therapy". 

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