Monday, February 02, 2015

"Vessel" presents a Dutch sea captain on a very "pro choice" cause

Vessel” (2014), directed by Diana Whitten, documents the efforts by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, launched in 2001, to enable women in countries where abortion is illegal to, in her view, take care of their own bodies.  She commands a ship that flies under the flag of The Netherlands, where abortion is legal. The ship is parked more than 12 miles from the coast of a variety of countries to provide assistance to women.  The ship visits Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Ecuador and Tanzania. 
But the service extends to actually providing women the medications and tools and training to perform the procedures themselves.  The film covers much of this material with rather simple animation.

The film also shows a lot of vigorous protests on shore.  On the other hand, activists are sometimes mocking the protesters, even getting into their religious convictions.   I’ve always found it difficult to carry posters and shout in a demonstration about anything.
The tagline is “past land, past law, past permission”.
The official site is here   (FilmBuff). 
The film can be rented on Amazon instant play for $4.99, or from YouTube for $3.99.
Wikipedia attribution link for port of Lisbon (photo by Juntas and Tagas; Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 unported, GNU free).  I visited the city in April 2001. 
I sometimes drive by an abortion clinic on Lee Highway in northern VA and see demonstrators carrying signs, but not always.  Right-to-life license plates are very common in Virginia.  

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