Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed": If this isn't all made up, it would be serious; impressive "fake" Moon landscape photos in BW, and alien autopsies

Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed” (2014), by Robert Kiviat, seems like a SyFy cable channel TV broadcast, with its little interruptions, and hysterical tone.  I could talk tongue-in-cheek and say “I will accept nothing less” than the presence of aliens in our solar system.
The film claims later Apollo missions found concrete evidence of alien mechanical artefacts.  Ed Mitchell talks a little, and Buzz Aldrin is silent.  There is even an account of a supposed Apollo 20 finding of an alien woman’s corpse in a space module, and a second being, apparently with medical tubes.  The beings, while looking vaguely oriental, have a third eye in the forehead.  The footage reminds me of the “Alien autopsy” videos following the Roswell incident in 1947.
The film has a lot of interesting artwork recreations of supposed arches and skyscrapers (one 20 miles high) on the Moon, claimed not to be natural.  The images are in a nice black and white. 
There is also a claim that the moon Phobos of Mars has a slab similar to that in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”.
The film proposes that some structures could be surface mining equipment, looking for regolith mineral that contain an isotope of Helium that can power nuclear engines. 
The film even mentions the Cuban Missile Crisis, which started with U2 photos in 1962, which the film considers comparable to those on the Moon.  The film implies that the CIA does have responsibility for fielding suspected alien existence or activity, because it is likely other countries (especially Russia) would have similar reports and investigations. 
It also mentions similarities to structures on the Moon to ancient pyramids around the world.
About the only way aliens could get here from another solar system light years away would a wormhole, as in “Interstellar”.  It might be near one of the outer planets, like Saturn or the moon Titan.  But if just one kid like Clark Kent from “Smallville” really exists, then the wormhole must exist, too. 
As an additional short film, watch NASA's "Why There Are No Waves on Titan" here. Some of the best landscapes from Titan (including artists' drawings) available anywhere, appears to be p.d. Most interesting vacation destination in the Solar System.  It takes light a little over an hour to get there, 
Wikipedia attribution link for gif with lunar libation.  

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