Monday, December 01, 2014

"The Short Game": kids compete in a version of a pro-golf tournament

The gentle documentary “The Short Game”, by Josh Greenbaum (2013), follows up to nine kids, including girls, as they compete at Pinehurst, NC in a children’s golf tournament. 

The film makes a lot of the idea that golf is a very individual sport.  You can’t hide behind your teammates – and that seems like an odd way to offset the idea of team sports, both in education and as part of culture.

An early sequence of the film takes some of the kids on a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, and learn about the history of apartheid. 
Later, the role of the parents, most of whom are in the game, does come into play.
Good question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Then, “this is far more than golf.  Because golf is just a stage … this is how to deal with adversity.” 

The official site is here.  It is available on DVD and for streaming on Netflix.  Apparently the film can be “purchased” on YouTube from Phase4 for $14.99.  

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