Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"The Invoking" aka "Sader Ridge": pseudo-horror film examines the moral hazard of an inherited house in the woods

Jeremy Berg’s 2013 pseudo-horror film “The Invoking” presents a young woman, Samantha (Trin Miller) inherits a “house in the woods”, on “Sader Ridge” (the original title) near Red Bluff, CA, from the family she had no connections with.  Does this present the “undeserved wealth” problem?
She goes with friends Roman (Josh Truax) and Caitlin (Andi Norris) to the property, and they encounter Mark (Brandon Anthony) and the geeky but creepy Eric (D’Angelo Midili), who had been overseeing the place.

Soon, the ghosts appear (are they really time-slices of family) and romantic triangles ensue, with a lot of tension among the male characters.  There’s a question as to who gets the house as well as the women.

There’s a “making of” documentary that explains making this film on inherited property for no money, with two more writers (Matt Medisch and John Portonova), taking turns writing three pages each, an odd approach to screenwriting.

The final budget was $11,000.

The film comes from RLJ and Image.  The film can be rented on YouTube for $3.99, or DVD rented from Netflix.  

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