Monday, December 15, 2014

"Endure" is a workmanlike police detective and rescue drama set and filmed in central Florida

Endure”, directed by Joe O’Brien, is a well-paced police drama, set around Lakeland, FL, showing us how police work is really done and how it affects their lives.
The film is a bit sensational as it opens as we see a (pregnant) young woman Daphne (Clare Kramer) gagged and bound on a floor.  Right after the credits, a middle-age man ties her to a tree in a swamp, and then drives away, and is suddenly killed when his car strikes a deer. 
The rest of the movie traces the efforts of detective Emory Lane (Judd Nelson) and his partner, “criminology major” and rookie cop Zeth (Devon Sawa) to find the woman.  Zeth struggles through some computer hacking to find a criminal partner in Alabama (Tom Arnold, who looks appropriately creepy), who eventually travels to the site to try to exploit Dapne, but ironically helps save her.
The mortician (no black suit) discovers that the kidnapper and crash “victim” Douglas (Tyler Cravens) has actually abused himself (possibly severely), and that’s reinforced it you look closely.
Another plot complication is that Emory’s wife is dying of cardiomyopathy.  He has a caregiver at home which allows him to work on the case.
The plot seems to be based on a true-life case in South Carolina, with a co-conspirator in Alabama, presented on HLN this summer;  I caught the story by accident while in a hotel room in NYC before going out (TV blog, June 29).  I think Nancy Grace has discussed this case before.  It could have made a good Dateline report.
The lead role Judd Nelson says it is harder to play a good guy than a villain, in the “Behind the Scenes” short. 
Official Facebook is here. (NFocuas and Naedomi Pictures).
The DVD for the 2010 film may be rented from Netflix.  This movie reminds of the big studio mystery "Body Heat" in 1980, also set in the same area.  

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