Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Street Thief": very layered mockmentary about the life of a Chicago burglar

In the 2006 mockumentary doc “Street Thief”, filmmaker Malik Bader follows one of Chicago’s most notorious serial burglars in the early 2000’s, Kaspar Karr. The burglar explains the logic behind striking cash-rich businesses, like ethnic groceries, movie theaters, and particularly bars and nightclubs. 
In one scene, the climbs over a burglar bar grating to get to a security system wire above it, to turn it off.  He cases businesses for months before striking them when no one is there.
He says he has no regrets.  He is what he is, a burglar.  “I’m two steps ahead of you.”  In another incarnation, he could change to something else.
The film also interviews another burglar, Larry Evans in Statesville. 
Toward the end, the film goes into the issue of reporter privilege, and whether the filmmaker has to reveal his sources to state police.  Illinois has a pretty strong law protecting journalists.
Then Karr disappears, and enough blood to indicate his violent death is found in his car.  Some people give a particular interpretation to this ending. 

The official site on Myspace is here. The film (AE and Sundance Selects) is on Netflix instant play. 

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