Monday, October 06, 2014

"On My Way": how to walk away from it all -- and even for France, this film is pretty silly

On My Way” (“Elle s’en va”), by Emmanuelle Bercot is a somewhat silly dramedy from France, and a bit flippant at that.

Bettie (Catherine Deneuve) runs a restaurant in a small town.  She’s even fussy about the table settings and proper preparation (the film shows some live lobsters).  But one day, she learns her restaurant will go broke, and that her lover has cheated on her.  She goes out looking for cigarettes, and never comes back. Can she just walk away from her own business?
The cigarette stuff really gets annoying.  In one scene, she appears to be hitchhiking just to get a smoke.
Along the way, she finds her grandson and makes amends (despite his carsickness) and then her own daughter. She has a good time in some bars and recalls beauty pageants from her better early life.  

A lot of the scenery appears to be in Provence. 
The official site is here   from Cohen Media Group and E-1.  This is a recent 2013-2014 film (March 2014 in the US) but I don’t recall a theatrical run.  AMC Independent usually shows most Cohen releases. I got the DVD from Netlfix.  The DVD includes a rather rambling interview with the star actress. My closest approach was Toulouse in 2001.  

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Mont Ventoux. 

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