Saturday, September 06, 2014

"The One I Love" plays the "double body" and even "Dome" cards, in a romantic comedy; from the Duplass brothers

The One I Love” (directed by Charlie McDowell, written by Justin Lader), from the Duplass Brothers, is still another little film with the “double body” and even the “under the Dome” concept.  
Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elizabeth Moss) are using a marriage therapist (Ted Danson) trying to recreate the excitement of how their relationship started.  Pretty soon, as they go back to their guest house, they encounter doubles of one another in different rooms.  Eventually, the doubles meet and create a confrontation at a little dinner party.  And one of the Ethan’s runs into the “Dome Wall” when he tries to flee.  How were the doubles created? Are they holograms? Are well all holograms in somebody else's puppet show, in fact?
The film is shot in full “2.35:1” so it puts both characters on the screen together a lot, but it seems overdone;  the close-ups might have worked better in “Hitchcock” style on a standard format.

The film appears to be shot in southern California, in desert country around San Bernadino.

The official site is here (from Radius TWC).
I saw the film before a substantial audience at Angelika Mosaic in Fairfax VA Saturday afternoon. 

I tried to watch “Holy Ghost” at a site offered by “”, at a scheduled free screening at 2 PM today EDT.  Although I signed up (which means I’ll get emails from the group), the video simply would not play.  I did this on a Mac. When the video wouldn't move, I gave up and went to Angelika.  I guess I’ll have to wait until official release Sept. 16.  But I wish they had just set this up on Amazon or YouTube.  

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