Monday, September 08, 2014

Renee Phoenix and "Fit for Rivals" band makes nice little animated short film "Hit Me" about a bisexual cheerleader

While out at a baseball game tonight, I got an email advising me of a “short film” called “Hit Me” from a “punk-pop” band named “Fit for Rivals”.   The link for the 3 minute film, which combines rock, animation, live action, and black-and-white on color, is here. The story concerns a high-school cheerleader who comes out as bisexual, although she seems rather stereotypically “butch lesbian” in the video. 
The film mixes urban landscapes with trains, with robot-like creatures that remind me of the sci-fi animated film ”Walle” a few years back. The performer is Renee Phoenix. 

The interview of Renee above comes from “Beneath the Grid Music” and discusses the band.  The video seems to be made by Sputnik Music.  

Picture: from NYC Pride, 2014. 

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