Friday, September 26, 2014

"Once Fallen": a young man getting out of prison battles his father to stay clean

The small film market still likes the story of redemption of someone who has stumbled in life. “Once Fallen”, by Ash Adams, gives us Chance (Brian Presley), who wants to “go straight” after release from prison.  He is drawn into three different directions.  One is his father (Ed Harris), in prison for life but still conducting his Aryan Nation activities.  Another is a dear friend (Chad Lindberg) who has to pay a debt to a local kingpin.  Finally, he finds out that he is the father of a five-year boy, August. 
Presley is quite handsome – until you notice his arms are completely covered by tattoos, as a kind of coverup.  There is a scene with his friend that is quite touching.  But dad will come do a well deserved and violent end in prison, but only after reconciliation.
The production company is “Freedom Films”, the DVD (Netflix) distributor is First Look.  The film can be rented from YouTube for $2.99. The film seems to be set around LA.  

I usually have a problem warming up to movies centered around prison.  Call it lack of empathy if you like. But this film is rather popular with some other reviewers.  

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