Monday, September 15, 2014

"Heal H Street" and many other films from DC Shorts available on online coupon

I watched three more films from DC Shorts online with a coupon pass, which I bought by physically going to a performance, for $15.  It is supposed to be effective until September 21, 2014, but it only let me use the code in one session.  I will have to check with DCS today on this. Not all films seemed to be available (maybe 50%).  
The largest film I watched was “Heal H Street”, (Show 9, 15 min), by Craig Corl (link ).  Craig is referring to H Street NE in Washington DC, site of the new streetcar line (there is no real close Metro stop).  H Street, like 14th St NW, was severely affected by the 1968 riots after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King (while I was personally in Army Basic).  The area remained depressed for about three decades.  In recent years, the area has become more gentrified as higher income people move back, but that means the poor people are driven out, to Prince Georges County.  The same thing has happened with the new U Street corridor, and with the area around Nationals Park and the Navy Yard.  H Street has a street fair in Setpember.

The YouTube video above is Craig Corl’s “A Meditation on Winter”.

An important small film (4 min, Show 10) is “A Life with Asperger’s”, by Jaime Ekkens, portraying a young man Emmett Goldman, who is still able to go to college on his own and live in New York City.  He says he was pressured to be more sociable than he wanted to be.
Hellyfish” (Show 5), by Patrick Longstreth and Robert LcLean, shows a small boy putting a lost radioactive component underneath a small purple beach animal, that looks like a cross of a crab and a jellyfish.  It grows into a monster with both blob and tentacle components, biting off people’s arms and drowning helicopters, all at Tybeach Island (SC?)  No box jellyfish in this movie -- although cubozoa would make a good subject for a documentary. The box jellyfish (July 13, this blog) is one of the most bizarre creatures on Earth, almost seeming alien. It's venom is just about the deadliest. 
Pictures:  From H Street NE festival in Sept, 2012 (mine).  

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