Friday, September 19, 2014

"Gaysian" and a few other items from DC Shorts pose subtle moral questions

I got my DC Shorts online access working again, and watched a few more items, including LGBT (with Reel Affirmations).

Gaysian” (Show 12, 8 min), by Austin Wong, asks the moral question: is it wrong to refuse to consider intimacy with people of other races?  An Asian gay man asks why white men reject him, until he meets a young man who looks and acts more like him than expected.  “To reject another race as undesirable is racist.”  There are differences, though, in features, height, even body hair, that can become fetish concerns.  Filmed in Toronto.
Bears” (Show 2, 4 min), explores “diversity” in the world of hairy men.  There is a scene at the Friday night “Bear Party” happy hour at Town Danceboutique in Washington DC.  I have been to that event, but I didn’t spot anyone in my immediate social circuit.
Je t’aime” (Show 10, 10 min) is a musical, apparently from Norway.  A gay man with a girl friend who taunts him has to come to terms with his own identity, and falls for the priest at a straight wedding.
2:43” (Show 1, but omitted when I saw it in a theater, 10 min) is rather the straight equivalent of one the first two films.  The film starts with just a phone handset and answering machine, and after three minutes a man walks into the room.  His girl friend is saying she has cancer, but he wants to break up with her but feels guilty. Could not determine language (eastern European).

Helsinki” (Show 6, 15 min, Juan Beiro), as a film title, refers to brand of beer.  In a Madrid bar, two female bartenders talk about time travel, and try to contact the ideal man at the ideal age (for reproduction) at any point in space-time that they choose.  

Update: Sept. 21:  3 More

"The Profile of Jonas Aquino" ("O Perfil De Jonas Aquino", 22 min, Brazil, Henrique Moreira, Show 10).  An attractive late-teen man deletes is "Facemob" profile, facing irrevocability, and then finds the perfect alter-ego has been created for him online, as he suddenly becomes popular.  Is this real?  Photoshop did a good job, as sometimes he has chest hair, other times not.  There's a an odd scene where his alter-ego jumps out of the computer, and then where he has a chance to slay his other self.  At the end, there is a gay angle.

"Red" ("Rojo", 20 min, Venezuela, Show 6) has a young man arranging to meet a Facebook gay fiend in a park, identified by a red shirt.  Was his father setting him up, or did he entrap his own father as a pedophile online?  Indeed, a variation of NBC's "To Catch a Predator".

"Cadet" (15 min, Belgium, Kevin Meul) has a 13-year-old track star coached by his father, who pushes performance enhancing drugs.  The boy will turn the tables on his dad at the end.  The film has some moderate gay elements and hints of ephebophilia as well in the script.

Update: Oct, 28

Not in the festival, but "Forbidden Love" ("Verbotene Liebe", 3 min) Germany is worthy of mention, if for the heterosexual distraction on the beach.  Found it by accident in a motel room.


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