Sunday, September 14, 2014

Film about a fire-blowing skydiver Tony Valenci concludes another DC Shorts set

DC Shorts Show 4 offered 8 films.  The most important of these is “Down in Flames: The True Story of Tony ‘Volcano’ Valenci”, 29 minutes, by William J. Stribling.  This was a mockumentary of daredevil and magician Valenci, who died in an “accident” by blowing fire while skydiving.  The skydiving shots over northern New Jersey are spectacular. His two assistants wind up on house arrest for the student.  What makes someone want to do this?  There are other “illusionists” who swallow swords or eat glass. Sounds like eating crayons and getting your stomach pumped. 

The End of the Line” (“Le Bout Du Fil”), by Francois Raffenaud, has a heavily freckled and aged actress, 86 , waiting for a phone call to get one last hurrah at fame.

Ella’s Wedding Day”, by Dana Lerer, 11 minm makes fun with the whole expectation of a lavish wedding, following by consummation.  Ella is quite distracted by a playful bell boy, with his multiple rings.  Is her perspective husband, who may be less cute, threatened?  Some men would be.  The husband has a piercer himself as a solution. 

Last Shot”, by Greg Popp, 11 min. has a bartender trying to close down when an angry customer threatens him over old grievances.  Effective black and white backstory.
Manny Gets Censored”, by Graeme Robertson, 8 min, from Australia, presents a 28-year-old Manny (James MacKay) up close, with the camera dawdling over his body, from the fungal toenails (when uncut), to meager chest hair, to an aging time lapse into the future. Yes, he has “girl friends”.  One day, the gets a letter in the mail telling him how to live a G-rated destiny.
Ronald”, by John Dower, is a portrait of a Ronald McDonald “super hero” clown in Las Vegas.  He looks nothing like a hero.

Foxed!” (5 min, animated), has a young girl working in a mine after kidnapping by a den of foxes.
Lialou”, from Germany, lets an average young man judge others by their shoes. 

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