Thursday, September 11, 2014

DC Shorts 2014 opens; Show 3 offers "Ziazan", "Alfonso", "Inside the Box"

The DC Shorts Film Festival opened tonight, September 11, 2014, and I attended Show 3 at the US Navy Memorial Theater.
The largest film was “Alfonso”, in German, by Swiss director Jan-Eric Mack (as part of a degree requirement), at 19 min, follows the genre of “The Illusionist” and “The Prestige”.  A magician, eager to please the judges, hypnotizes a woman to sing Schubert’s “Ave Maria”.  But then the “prestige” part off the act goes bonkers.
The audience seemed to like “Ziazan” (15 min), by Durmaz, a Turkish director who was the only to show for the QA.  A four year old girl hitches a ride in a suitcase from Armenia to Turkey to get some chocolates for her friends.  A bit of Forest Gump.  Some breathtaking scenery, shot in Armenia, but the script mentions Georgia.

Inside the Box” (15 min), by Spanish director David Martin Porras, depicts a policeman (Wilson Bethel) in Texas (the film is shot in California but produced by a company in Barcelona) who is quizzed at home by an assistant DA  in front of an expectant wife about his odd handling of an arrest at a local bar, where he cleaned up the suspect himself.  We learn afterward that he hides his own Protease inhibitors in a box, and that Texas punishes transmitting HIV.  And the film implies he got it heterosexually. The film title recalls Richard Kelly. 

The Ring Cycle” (14 min), by Erin Cramer, presents a woman, walking the streets of London near the river on a cold January day, trying to figure out what to do with her wedding ring when her marriage breaks up.

The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed” (9 min), by Scott Calonico, gives a retired USAF officer and college professor from the summer of 1963 in the Kennedy administration a chance to learn about his accidental role in a political scandal.  The film shows a map of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Ike Interviews God” (9 min), by Eli Shapiro, has an ordinary guy (Ryann Wesley Gilreath) tasked to negotiate with God to stop the end of the world.  This is a comedy.

Decorations” (7 min), by Mari Miyazawa. Life in busy Tokyo is told through characters on pastry cakes in a kitchen.
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