Saturday, August 16, 2014

"TransSiberian by Private Train": documentary of Russia's famous train, stunning and politically correct (for Putin)

The documentary “TransSiberian: Dream of a Lifetime: The Epic Private Train Journey on the World’s Most Famous Railway”, directed by Michael Altenhenne (short title “TransSiberian by Private Train”), from Lernidee Erlenisreaisen, provides a spectacular 40 minute high-definition account of the luxury train journey.  No, this isn’t “Murder on the Orient Express”.  The route of this train starts in Moscow and goes all the way to Beijing.

The guests or well-off Europeans, especially from Spain and Germany.  The guests stay in some interesting hotels, as on Lake Baikal, or in yurts in Mongolia. The guests are often invited to participate in folk singing or dancing at stops. 

The tone of the documentary is soothing, and intended to make Russia “look good” (and so Mongolia and China).  The documentary was filmed in 2011, before the recent run of provocative and aggressive behavior by Russia. 

The countryside in Mongolia has an extraterrestrial aspect to it, as if out of the Third Dominion inClive Barker’s “Imajica”.  The train itself has passenger cars of many colors, and the little rural villages look quaint but the wooden buildings sometimes are brightly painted.
Wikipedia attribution link for Baikal “free fish” market picture 

There is a mystery film called “TransSiberian” reviewed here Aug. 16, 2008. 

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