Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Plus One" ("+1"): time-lapse body-snatching en masse at an Atlanta Bollywood party

 “Plus One”(officially titled “+1” or even “Plus 1”), directed by Dennis Iliadis, is another exercise in the “another me” or “body snatcher” concept, with the bonus that this time, dozens of young adults at a Bollywood party in Atlanta find out they have doubles.   What happens if the Braves are playing at home at nearby Turner Field? Furthermore, the doubles are copies of themselves from a time warp fifteen minutes before, and the time interval is constantly being compressed.  So this sounds like an exercise in partial differential equations (maybe for an open book exam in grad school) or maybe general relativity.

The main protagonists are David (Rhys Wakefield), who wants to mend romantic fences with fencing partner Jill (Ashley Hinshaw), and David’s roomie Pal Teddy (Logan Miller), who looks appropriately soft and hairless in bod and needs to get laid to prove his manliness.  A bizarre meteor lands near their home (or frat house), rather like the orb from “Under the Dome”.  All kinds of bizarre plasma balls burn around the electric transformers, as the power goes off and comes back on.  The film treats us to the light shows after the kids start their wild party.
The doubles try to kill the originals. If the doubles are just time-lapse copies, I don’t know what sense this makes.  What might be more interesting would be doubles from the distant past, as if someone could stay forever young by having a digital double from a wormhole.  If you’re 71 like me, would you like to suddenly have your 21-year-old body back?

The official site is here  IFC Midnight films, first released in Sept. 2013.  The aspect ratio is a full 2.35:1, which a Bollywood “musical” needs.  The film is available on Netflix instant play. Some reviewers compare this film to Shane Caruth's "Primer".  
Picture: from Meteor Crater museum near Odessa, TX (mine). 

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