Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Ground Zero": zombie thriller gets its pandemic viruses mixed up

Ground Zero”, by Channing Lowe (2010), might well have been titled “Patient Zero”.  The B-movie assumes that syndicates control the disposal of corpses who die of pandemic viruses, an idea not funny now given the Ebola virus and recent media coverage about ISIS terror threats (and the supposed “laptop of doom”).  Actually, the virus named in the movie is an “H3N” something --- that is, bird flu.

A third the way into the 85-minute movie, the tag team discovers that the main lab pandemic victim is not dead.  Instead he turns into a zombie who attacks the big fat burly team member.  Soon, that person has a tummy ache, and soon is projectile-vomiting blood (worse than in “Carnage”), to the point that he bleeds out and drops dead.  (That does sound like Ebola.)   Then he becomes a zombie.

None of this gets taken seriously given the dangers in the world.

The film offers Mike Langer, D. L. Walker, Chris Harvey and Sahna Foley as a tough female co-conspirator. 
The DVD comes from”Shockorama”.  The outdoor scenes are wintry the credits say filming was in Utah.  

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