Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Another Me" plays the doppelganger game, this time with a female, in Wales

Another Me”, by Isabel Coixet, is the third film on the doppelganger idea that I’ve seen this year, and for me, the concept is somewhat limited in potential.
Sophie Turner plays Fay, the teen growing up in Wales, whose life is challenged when her father (Rhys Ifans) is struck apparently with ALS   In a drama class, she has a role in a student production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, with drama coach played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  She is getting the attention of a rapidly maturing boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. But she is troubled by seeing apparitions. She has the impression that some invisible ghost is impersonating her.
Her dad tells her a family secret, that she had a stillborn twin sister.  Well, maybe she wasn’t quite stillborn.  That part is rather clumsily handled.  Fay cuts her hand, leading to a scar, to make sure she will look different from any twin.  That turns out to be important.

The film was shot in both Wales and Spain (for the indoors scenes).  It’s interesting that the distribution is by “Fox International” rather than “Fox Searchlight”, as well as Fortissimo Films.

I think I recall an odd use of the sign "Dress for success" from John Molloy's 1970s book as a prop. 
I saw the film, almost alone, at the AMC Courthouse in Arlington this evening.  The Courthouse has been picking up some of the independent films that have always gone to the Shirlington.  

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